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Read the "Isoc", our online TA newsletter with information about our recent General meeting. Issues for October '95 and November '95 are available.

The 1394 Trade Association was formed in September 1994 to accelerate the market adoption of IEEE 1394. Of special importance are the technical working groups that focus on refining the IEEE 1394 specification. Several items of interest are available: The IEEE 1394-1995 specification can be ordered from the IEEE at +1-800-678-IEEE within the USA or +1-908-981-1393 from outside the USA.

The next general meeting will be hosted by Apple Computer and will be held in Cupertino, California, on 23-25 July 1996.

The previous few general meetings of the TA were: For more information on the 1394 Trade Association, please call Toni Tappan at +1-512-305-0203, fax +1-512-305-0212, or one of the officers of the TA:
To request an update to the 1394 TA Web pages, please send a note to Michael Teener at Apple Computer, +1-408-974-3521.

To post minutes of a TA meeting or other items of interest to TA members, send a file encoded as HTML, Adobe Acrobat, or plain ASCII containing the committee's name and your name, meetings location and date, and directions of where you want the posting to appear in the Web page to Michael Teener.

Many of the files kept by the TA are in Acrobat format. You can get Acrobat by clicking this:

There are several other 1394-related web pages:

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